Stewart & Christie | Bespoke Tweed

We were so lucky to tag along on this shoot with Orange Photographie, shooting for Stewart & Christie. They make the most beautiful Bespoke Tweed. Had so much fun working with Vixie, and loved the looks and feel she put together. Our models, Fred the worlds best looking geologist, and Olivia and Issac (who coincidentally are the possible names of my future children) were amazing, and even though it was raining and cold, made our job as photographers easy. We shot both in, and outside of Borthwick castle, which was basically fulfilling bucket list items I didn’t even know I had. 

If you are ever in Edinburgh, visit their shop, its wonderful, and check them out online here:

Edinburgh on 35mm film

Part one of a who knows how many Scotland images. We flew into London, hopped on a couple trains to get across town, then took a quick cheap flight to Edinburgh (yay Ryanair!). From there we got picked up with our friends Sam and Reid of Orange Photographie. They had been in Scotland and England for several weeks, and Sam was already driving the wrong way like a pro. Our first few days in Scotland we stayed in Kilmarnock, a beautiful town about an hour from Edinburgh. From there we set out each day to check out Castles, the Royal mile, and the Wallace Monument. One of the best nights was spent at an Irish Pub in Glasgow, which unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have no images from. Honestly the one thing I continue to miss now that we are back is pub food, so amazingly good and comforting.