Aurora Borealis | Glacier

Seeing the Northern Lights has been a dream for so long. We live so close to Glacier National Park, so its amazing that its taken this long for me to see them. Something always came up, either we happened to be traveling, or it was cloudy, or we just had no idea. Last night we luckily saw a post on facebook, and immediately jumped in the car and headed into the park. 

Words don't adequately describe what its like to watch them pulse and sway in person. Pure space magic. All I could think of was the Asgardian rainbow bridge from Norse mythology. 

At one point on the drive home it got really amazing, and we just pulled over the car and turned the lights off, and Rachel and I watched. Gregory Alan Isakov's song "The Universe" played at it was a perfect moment. So thankful so live in this place, with the love of my life, seeing beautiful things together. 

"the Universe, she’s wounded
she’s got bruises on her feet
I sat down like I always did,
and tried to calm her down

I sent her my warmth and my silence
and all she sends me back is rain . . . rain

the Universe, she’s wounded
but she’s still got infinity ahead of her
she’s still got you and me
and everybody says that she’s beautiful

the Universe, she’s dancing now
they got her lit up, lit up on the moon
they got stars doing cartwheels, all the nebulas on the tune
and the Universe, she’s whispering so softly I can hear all
the croaking insects, all the taxicabs, all the bum’s spent change
all the boys playing ball in the alleyways
they’re just folds in her dress

the Universe, she’s wounded
but she’s still got infinity ahead of her
she’s still got you and me
and everybody says that she’s beautiful
and everybody says . . ."

Roadtrip | part 2

When I'm traveling I wake up early, it's never easy, but the anticipation of seeing something new is enough to pull me through those first moments of haze. I used to wake up before the sun everyday, I worked for someone else, making food, and gave them the best part of my effort, and the most beautiful part of the day for a decent wage. The job wasn't going anywhere though, and I regret not quitting sooner. My biggest regret though is that I gave an employer more of my day than I often give my waking self. Being self employed is amazing, but getting out of bed on a Monday morning is something no one makes me do, and as such sleeping in happens more than I wish it did. That brings me back to this image, Rachel and I woke up in a little hotel on Route 66, and drove a couple hours to arrive in the Grand Canyon before the sun, it was snowing, and overcast, and we weren't the only ones, and somehow that made me happy. As the wind blew, and the sky began to slowly light up, I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. It was a moment of magic, the kind that comes softly, and if you aren't paying attention, won't notice. It reminded me of why, why I'm still searching, why I'm taking images, and why I shouldn't let the mornings belong to unconsciousness. Magic happens when you wake up. 

Avalanche Lake | Glacier

Currently listening to Lord Huron, La Belle Fleur Sauvage

Contentment and complacency are two things I struggle with. On one hand I'm happy with my life, on the other I know I can be better, make more meaningful work. It's a struggle that confuses me, and a constant driving force in what I make. I think a lot of artists struggle with this, in some ways art itself is the correct response to dissatisfaction (the alternative being whining on Facebook). Don't like something, imagine it better. Fill that empty hole with so much beauty and magic. Making images, telling stories, connecting with people in that way gives me a joy that I've never found anywhere else, and that is enough for now. 

Victoria | Glacier

An impromptu session with Victoria in Glacier. We always have fun making images together, and she is one of the most talented people I know. Check out her music here.

Makeup by Rachel Spray

A morning in Portland

Traveled to Portland a couple weeks ago with my good friends Brett Birdsong and Kevin Lau, a couple of "wild and crazy guys". Woke up early one morning in Portland, with coffee on the mind, so Kevin and I took a stroll around the downtown. It was his first time in the city, and I fall more in love each time I visit. Must have had about five latte's by the time we left.

All images captured on Kodak film with a Contax G1

Red Caboose training

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go behind the scenes with some of our favorite brands, Stumptown coffee and a Local coffee shop called the Red Caboose. We had an amazing time photographing the staff as Bo Jordan took them through 3 days of training, and learning. It was so wonderful seeing the process that Stumptown goes through with every shop that serves their coffee, and the care they put into each cup. It was also a bit humbling to realized that I'd been grinding my beans too course for the past year... Live and learn:) SO thankful for being able to be apart of this, and a huge shoutout to Kelli and Reid, the wonderful owners of the Red Caboose for asking us to do this. 

This was all photographed on a Leica M2 with a 50mm Summicron f2, on Kodak Tri-X and Portra films.